Board Plus is a distinct tender from Crimson Cash.  It’s a component of the undergraduate meal plan, designed to increase flexibility to that meal plan; students receive $65 of BoardPlus dollars per semester that can be spent at any any HUDS-operated Retail location, or for guest meals in the dining halls.

To use BoardPlus, let the cashier or checker know you want to use it and present your Harvard ID. Your balance is displayed after each transaction. You may not add more BoardPlus dollars when you have run out, and any remaining dollars expire at the end of the school year.

Guest Meal Rates:

Breakfast at Annenberg, Mon-Fri $10.25, Saturday & Sunday $7.45
Other Houses, Mon-Fri $8.75, Sat & Sunday $7.45
Lunch and Brunch--$13.75 all locations
Dinner--$17.05 all locations

BoardPlus is accepted in the following locations:


  • The Barker Rotunda
  • Bauer Cafe
  • Buckminster's at LISE
  • Cambridge Queen's Head
  • CGIS Cafe
  • Chauhaus at the GSD
  • Cronkhite Dining Room
  • Dudley Café
  • The Greenhouse at the Science Center
  • HKS Cafe
  • Lamont Library Cafe
  • The Northwest Cafe
  • The Observatory Cart
  • Student Grilles, including: Cabot Cafe



  • Sebastian's Café